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When you are hungry and you want to satisfy your craving for Indian food, the best place to go to in Philadelphia, PA is our Indian restaurant: Lovash Indian Cuisine & Bar. We offer traditional Indian plates that are as authentic as they should be, and we prepare our food with the ingredients that make Indian meals the delicacy they are.

From Indian curry to other exotic spices, our dishes are flavourful and delectable. With every dish accompanied by our wonderful Indian rice, you can ask for spicy Indian meals or choose something with a more subtle yet delightful flavour.

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Indian Cuisine and Bar

The history of Indian cuisine goes all the way back to 7000 BCE when sesame, eggplant and cattle were introduced. Around 3000 BCE the spices turmeric, cardamom, pepper and mustard were first used (these spices are especially prevalent in Indian cooking today.) When invasions and new immigrants came later, tomatoes, chilies, and potatoes became staples in the Indians' diet.

The most important parts of the Indian cuisine are rice, flour (also called atta), and an element called pulses. Pulses are masoor (red lentils), chana (Bengal ram), toor (pigeon pea), urad (black gram), and mung (green gram.)

Our Chef / Owner this is the who invented indian food in the Air for British Airways.

Mohan Parmar

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Monthly Special Menu

Pomegranate Chicken Masala
Mango Chicken
Surf And Turf Masala
Harabhara Beef/Lamb
Shrimp Mastana
Mix Vegetable Haryali
Fish Maselader
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Numerous commentators have also referred to the supposed restaurant owner's eccentric habit of touting for custom outside his establishment, dressed in aristocratic fashion and brandishing a sword

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fresh and healthy food available




(Served With Homemade Indian Balsamic Vinaigrette)


(These Traditional Freshly Made Savory Indian Breads, Baked to Order in the Tandoor. These Breads are an Important Part of Everyday Life in India.)

Creations From The Chef's Heart

Tandoor Se (Clay Oven)

(All Tandoori Dishes are Prepared in Distinctive Marinades Prior to Being Barbecued in an Ancient Indian Clay Oven (Tandoor) & Served With rice & Sauteed Vegetables on a Hot Sizzling Plate)

Vegetarian Delights

(Served With Saffron Basmati Rice Pilaf)

South Indian Flavor


(A rice flour and lentil crepe cooked to rispy golden color with a filling of your choice.)

$9.25 Potatoes Masala Dosa
$9.25 Mysore Masala Dosa
$9.25 Mushroom & Onions Dosa
$9.25 Minced Lamb Dosa
$9.25 Chicken Dosa


Basmati Rice Specials


(Ask Server About Daily Dessert Menu)


(LASI - Fresh Homemade Yogurt Shake. Refreshing & Healthy Beverage: Choice of Fresh Fruit, Etc.)

$1.99 Hot Drinks
$1.99 Iced Tea
$1.99 Soft Drinks
$2.99 Mango Juice

Side Orders

$2.00 Papdum
$3.00 Extra Rice (16 Oz.)
$3.00 Raita (8 Oz.)
$3.00 Pickled Chutney (8 Oz.)
$3.00 Pickled Achaar (8 Oz.)
$3.00 Mango Chutney (8 Oz.)
$3.00 Mint Chutney (8 Oz.)
$4.00 Tamarind Sauce (8 Oz.)

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